Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Belle WheelerBelle Wheeler
Youngest ever drag racer passes first time with zero faults
My experience with John has been fantastic! I can honestly say he has made me feel so comfortable and in control of every lesson. The LDC workbook was super useful before and after each lesson to reflect and build knowledge. John is so understanding and willing when things don't go to plan and is prepared to put in extra time and support to get through it. I passed first time with no driving faults thanks to John. I couldn't have done it without him.

Kevin KorankyeKevin Korankye
Test moved twice because of COVID. First time pass no problem
My instructor John was one of the coolest and most supportive people I have ever met. I enjoyed the way my learning experience was conducted with positivity and excitement. I also loved the LD System which allowed me to tick off all of the requirements to become a good driver. I will 100% be recommending John to my friends and family.

Mia BrownMia Brown
The LD system which really helped my learning.
My experience with John was amazing. He helped me set targets using the LD system which really helped my learning. John has a fantastic personality and has made my learning experience the best it could be. Goal setting also really helped and John gave me independence to help improve my driving as a whole. I can't recommend John enough.

Jack DaggJack Dagg
2020 hasn't been such a bad year
My experience learning to drive has been brilliant. The lesson targets in the LD Workbook helped me identify and tackle areas of improvement and was handy to have a reference to look back on. It was great to have a kind and patient instructor like John help me pass my test.

James Blake
New Driving Instructor in Milton Keynes
From mid 2019 John has helped guide me towards gaining my ADI licence. During this period John provided a safe and engaging learning environment that allowed me to explore and develop my driving skills and knowledge. Before meeting John for the first time I was nervous and apprehensive, as I was about to embark on a new journey with a complete stranger. Almost immediately after meeting John those feelings evaporated. John made the whole experience about how I wanted to develop and learn. I felt completely at ease and able to air my views and opinions without fear of negative or abrupt responses. I felt that John was a person who really cared about his profession and helping people like myself achieve my goals. I would describe John as extremely professional, empathetic and has a great sense of humour which really made me feel comfortable. His hard work and dedication are a source of inspiration for me and will forever remember the impact he has had not only professionally, but personally. In short if you are looking for a loyal, committed and courteous teacher who always has your learning needs at the forefront, then John is the person for you. I guess there're is only one more thing to say. Thank you, John, in helping me achieve my hopes and dreams.

Kuda TaruvingaKuda Taruvinga
It was worth waiting for!
It was a really long journey to passing my driving test and getting my licence as I had failed my previous attempt last summer and had to return to university. I wouldn't have wanted to take this journey with anyone other than John. John understood me better than myself sometimes and he adapts the learning to cater for the student which helped me to get my mindset right. Come my second test I was ready to pass, and using the LD System I couldn't fail this time. I couldn't have asked for a better driving instructor than John and couldn't recommend him enough.

Callista QuadlingCallista Quadling
Great Autumn Pass after Semi Intensive Course
The structure of the LD System allowed me to build on my skills lesson by lesson. John explained everything with perfect clarity and patience which allowed me to become a better driver. I enjoyed every lesson as the end result was well worth it!

Jospeh EasonJospeh Eason
First Time Pass for Stepson
Even though John is my stepdad the driving lessons were well structured and none of the topics in the LD System were unfinished. We worked on having everything near perfect which helped with my confidence on my test.

Millie HuntMillie Hunt
Off to University with a Zero Fault First Time Pass
John got me to a point where I felt confident with my own driving and was happy to drive without any help and ready for my test. The use of the LD system really helped with revision for my test and self reflection after each lesson on ways to improve my driving.

Emily WraightEmily Wraight
Emergency Test Pass
John makes you look at things a different way so that it makes sense to each individual, his lessons put me at ease with how nervous I was considering I had a bad experience previously. The LD system helped show me what progress I had made and what I wanted to achieve. Thank you so much John!

Lauren PalmerLauren Palmer
Post lockdown first time pass!
My experience with John and LDC has been great. The LD system worked really well for me as it helped me to break down my training. After returning to lessons after lockdown the precautions put in place made me feel very safe and comfortable. Overall I've really enjoyed my lessons with John and am so pleased with the progress I made.

Stephen HigginsStephen Higgins
Windy February Pass
John was a great instructor and the LD System really helped with setting manageable goals. As I am someone with aspergers I would definitely recommend John to anyone wanting to learn to drive.

Lee BreakwellLee Breakwell
Zero Fault First Time Pass
I was very nervous at first due to my self confidence. The way John approached lessons made me feel at ease. He suggested using the LD workbook and system which helped me dramatically. I managed to pass first time with zero faults due to John's determination to help me. I would highly recommend LDC and John.

Seth FrancisSeth Francis
Who says Blue Monday isn't a great day
John was extremely helpful with all areas of learning. He was patient enough to let me learn at my own pace, while also offering advice to speed up my learning and make it more effective. The LD System allowed me to progress through the steps in learning to drive in the most effective way possible.

Gemma KeechGemma Keech
Halloween Test Pass was a Spooky Treat
John has helped me gain confidence in driving by helping me to set goals using the LD System giving me a target to achieve my best. He is very patient. He sometimes used diagrams to help demonstrate things which I found helpful as I am a visual learner.

Hira KhanHira Khan
First Time Pass
John took time to put me at ease so that I felt comfortable. The lessons were well structured using the LD System and I knew what the plan was for each week. We took time to work on weak areas and John did not rush me and was very patient. Highly recommended.

Kathryn BingKathryn Bing
Back to College with a First Time Pass
During my driving lessons John was so patient and extremely helpful. He took the time to explain things and if I didn't understand he would find a different way to explain it to me. The tools that I was given to help me were great. The LD system and workbook were fantastic in helping me to realise what I needed to improve. Overall I couldn't ask for a better instructor.

Ethan BrydenEthan Bryden
Summer afternoon success
I had a fantastic experience learning to drive with John. Being a nervous person and driver he really helped to positively encourage me with my learner driving experience. The LD system and workbook were invaluable to learning as they helped me to plan each lesson and evaluate my learning needs and achievements.

Robert ButnariuRobert Butnariu
Great Pass on Exam Results Day
John is an absolute legend. He takes time with his learners to make sure they fully understand the goals of each lesson. The LD System is without doubt the best progression tracker when it comes to learning to drive. It shows clearly how you have performed on each lesson and takes you step by step through the goals of each lesson. John never rushes, he finds the time to piece together a quality lesson which learners find easy to follow.

Lloyd BrydenLloyd Bryden
First Time Pass
I really enjoyed learning to drive with John he was always friendly and helpful when driving. If I ever got nervous he would always know how to calm me down and get my mindset right again. When I first started learning we started off slowly and I much preferred that as I was really worried. The LD System helped as it broke things down into small stages and targets. All in all I really enjoyed my time with John and he has set me up to be the best driver I can be.

Chris Barker
New Driving Instructor in Northampton
A huge thank you to John Philipson. John was assigned to me by LDC as my Ordit trainer to guide me through becoming a fully qualified ADI. He was quick to get in touch with me and ensure I had everything I needed to deal with every step of the journey. John is a fabulous role model for the way the DVSA are expecting driving instructors to deliver Client Centred Learning. Every moment of my time with John has felt productive and geared towards my needs in trying to become an ADI. My own journey had its ups and downs due to personal reasons which John was able to work around. When my confidence wavered he was always there to provide reassurance and an injection of positivity. My experiences with John included John observing my driving to ensure I was at the standard to pass part 2, observing his own lessons to see a master at work, John role playing a learner for me to identify faults and observing my own learners to review my own performance. I would certainly recommend John to anyone seeking either driving lessons using the great LD System to achieve the required test standard and beyond in as short a time as possible or wanting to become a fully qualified Approved Driving Instructor. Thank you for your patience, understanding and sharing your expertise.

Rebecca FargherRebecca Fargher
Great Midsummers Day Pass
John is a great instructor. He used the LD system which worked great for me because of the different stages to break it down as you go. I would recommend John to anyone who wants to start learning to drive.

Kylie McGeorgeKylie McGeorge
Zero Fault First Time Pass on a very wet Friday Morning
I would recommend John to anyone wanting to learn to drive. He is very patient. The LD System and learning structure is super for everyone as you can go at your own pace.

Vasile TurturicaVasile Turturica
Great Early Birthday Present on a Friday Afternoon
John is one of the best instructors. I felt very confident that I could take my test because John taught me so well and I was sure I could do it. John was always there for advice and always got the answers I needed. I would recommend John for all who want to pass easily and because the LD System helps you to learn quickly. Quality trainer for quality drivers.

Lewis SeabrookLewis Seabrook
First Time May Day Pass
I enjoyed the LD System as it allowed me to keep good structure to my lessons. John was fantastic and helped me pass my test first time.

Demi NevilleDemi Neville
A sunny Monday pass
I got let down by my previous instructor and John very kindly took me on at the last minute. We only had a few lessons but he helped me in a short space of time. We looked at mirror work and looking further ahead when driving towards junctions and roundabouts. This helped me to pass my driving test.

Leanne Pearce Leanne Pearce
Automatic to Manual Conversion
John is a fantastic instructor and the best I could have hoped for. I would recommend anyone to go with LDC and John. The LD System was brilliant.

Rebekah PortRebekah Port
Zero Fault First Time Pass
I really enjoyed learning to drive with John and I enjoyed the LD System and how lessons were structured. John always kept me nice and calm as I am a nervous driver. I would definitely recommend John to anyone wanting to learn to drive.

Harley BoddingtonHarley Boddington
John is a really good and informative instructor and all lessons were easy to follow. The LD System with the lesson goals was really good because it showed what I had learnt and what I was going to learn next lesson. John also had an appointment system a bit like the doctors that sent me a text with my lesson. It helped me know when my lessons were and meant I never forgot a lesson.

Najib AyoubNajib Ayoub
First Time Pass
John is an excellent driving instructor without his help I would never have passed my test. He tries all things possible to help you understand how to correct faults. He would stop on a regular basis during the lesson to talk and review what had happened. I think the LD System is extremely efficient and as a result I have passed my driving test.

Charles RylandsCharles Rylands
Northampton Saints Academy Star gets an Early Christmas present with a first time pass
It was a great experience learning to drive with John. The lessons which followed the LD System were detailed and very enjoyable and helped me to pass my test first time. I would recommend John and the structure to anyone who is looking to learn to drive.

Josh NorrisJosh Norris
Great Afternoon Pass
Overall I found the experience really enjoyable and feel I couldn't have picked a better instructor than John. He helped to improve massively as a driver and I would highly recommend John. The LD System was well planned out and improved my ability quickly.

Charlotte Watts WoodingCharlotte Watts Wooding
First Time Pass
Amazing. John had 6 weeks to teach me to drive and I passed with only one driving fault. The LD System really builds your confidence and you can mark each learning point as you go. I would recommend John and the LD System to anyone looking to learn to drive.

Christopher Jackson Christopher Jackson
Great Early Morning Pass
John was very helpful throughout the learning process even though I was a slow starter. I found the LD System allowed me to keep track of areas for improvement.

Lauren ClaytonLauren Clayton
First Time Pass
I really enjoyed the LD System and it helped me so much being able to go through everything in the book and review my lessons. John was a very good instructor and knew exactly what to do and say to build my confidence.

Luke ShackletonLuke Shackleton
My experience with John was enjoyable and he was very understanding. While working with him the LD System helped me break down the process into easily digestible lessons allowing for a gentle learning curve.

Georgia HuntGeorgia Hunt
I think that the way John taught me to drive was really good because he helped me to think for myself by asking questions if I got something wrong which made me think more about what I was doing. The LD System really helped as I was able to set my lessons and targets from the book and it had lots of other useful information. John didn't blame me if I made a mistake but used it as a learning point so I felt good about what I had learnt.

Ethan TaiEthan Tai
Zero Fault First Time Pass
John is a great instructor and has an excellent attitude to helping students to learn and preparing to drive, not just to pass a test. The LD System was great and allowed me to take charge of my learning. I would recommend John to anyone wanting to learn to drive.

John CunninghamJohn Cunningham
Zero Fault First Time Pass
I really enjoyed the LD System as it helped me with my targets and allowed me to reach my goals. I also really loved the car it was fabulous to learn in. John's attention to detail and safety helped me to pass my test first with no faults.

William OvendenWilliam Ovenden
Great Friday Afternoon Pass
Unfortunately I needed lessons as I had previously lost my licence due to speeding. I was shocked at how poorly I had driven on my first session with John however the coaching style approach and LD System with clear goals set by me for each lesson quickly enabled me to correct old habits and drive in a more calm and safe manner.

Jamie BakerJamie Baker
First Time Pass
John is a brilliant instructor. He's helped me progress into a really good driver and with the use of the LD System it allowed me to pick the targets I wanted to work towards which helped me to learn efficiently and explained what I need to do clearly. Thanks John and LDC.

Keiran MillsKeiran Mills
Zero Fault Pass
The LD System was ideal for me as I liked the checklist that you follow as you let. John was friendly and helpful all the way through my driving lessons.

Sam Foster
New Driving Instructor in Corby
A big thank you to my ordit trainer John Phillipson for helping me get through my test to become a fully qualified driving instructor. John was amazing at helping me get to terms with the part 3 test, developing my skills and giving me the confidence to be the best instructor I can be. John was always calm and very easy to talk to when ever I had trouble with certain parts of the training and would always make the time to give me a call back or message when I had a question outside our training sessions. Thank you for your wisdom and expertise in the training and would like to wish you the best of luck in your future career as a ordit trainer and a driving instructor.

Peter Jones
New Driving Instructor in Bedford
A big thank you to John Phillipson my LDC Ordit trainer who has helped me become a fully qualified ADI. It has been a difficult time with both the nature of the part 3 changing and the new L test changing too. Being one of the first PDI’s to be trained to do the new ‘standard check’ style part 3 was daunting as there seemed so much to master. With Johns client centred approach, it became manageable and fun. So, coaching a newby the intricacies of managing the risk assessment of a car while also helping me to phrase my questions to students and enabling them to make good progress, enjoy the experience and come back for more must have been challenging. John was patient and enthusiastic about his work and this I found inspiring. When I was struggling he always helped me to reflect on why it went wrong and what I needed to do to make it work next time. John certainly knows his stuff as his pass rate with L drivers show and he demonstrates well how self-reflection can make you improve your planning and produce more effective lessons to give students value for money. He values the LD system and has helped me use it to best effect. He helped me plan for my part 3 lessons/tests giving me informed ideas and feedback as to what should and what might not work. Thank you for your dedication and expertise. Your patience has paid off.

Alistair MossAlistair Moss
Zero Fault Pass
John's coaching methods were excellent. I would highly recommend for any level of driver. I passed with no faults.

Luke PowellLuke Powell
First Time Pass
I found John to be a patient and calm instructor. He always went through everything perfectly and would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive.

Rhiannon BreakwellRhiannon Breakwell
First Time Pass
I thoroughly enjoyed the LD System and my lessons with John. He has helped me with my confidence no end and has taught me the necessary skills to be a great driver. I will always recommend him to my family and friends.

Ashley MillerAshley Miller
First Time Pass
John offered excellent service and was really helpful with all aspects of driver training. I would recommend John to anyone wanting to drive he is very patient and helpful. The LD Workbook was very useful as it allowed me to write down and review where I needed to focus next lesson.

Connie WeatherillConnie Weatherill
First Time Pass
I am very happy with my experience of John as my driving instructor and the LD system. I enjoyed very helpful guidance which was tailored to suit my needs which helped me to pass my driving test first time so I am very pleased.

Martin Coleman
New Driving Instructor in Northampton
I would like to recommend John as a Tutor. He helps you feel relaxed and teaches you in a way that sets you up for a career as a driving instructor. He will give you the confidence and knowledge you need to become the best instructor you can be. He will also try and fit you in for extra lessons if that's what you need. The LDC system is a very helpful resource and used properly is an excellent tool to use during your career. I am so grateful to John for his guidance during my training and I genuinely feel I would have struggled to pass all three parts of my training first time without his help.  I wish John and his future students the very best.

Mati ReynoldsMati Reynolds
First Time Pass
It was a real struggle to start with learning to drive but the training was great. I knew I wasn't going to find driving easy due to my ADHD however John kept helping me with well structured lessons using the LD System. John was also flexible around my hospital appointments which was really good. I would recommend John to anyone wanting to drive

James IngramJames Ingram
Drag Racing Mechanic gets First Time Pass
The whole driving experience was the best it could have been and the LD System helped me reflect through the whole process. John was a great instructor and the best I could have wished for. He was really calm and polite and I really enjoyed the whole experience. Thank you John and LDC.

Ben BarkerBen Barker
First Time Pass
I really enjoyed learning to drive with John. He is a patient instructor and I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone who wanted to learn. The LD System really worked for me as it allowed me to plan and reflect my own lessons.

Megan RobertsMegan Roberts
First Time Pass
Before learning with John my previous instructor did not provide the help and guidance I needed. As an anxious driver it has taken a while to develop my confidence. I believe th LD System has been an integral part of that. Along with John's guidance the LD Workbook has allowed me to plan and reflect on lessons. This has enabled me to plan what I needed to improve and key knowledge of the lesson topic. I am so happy I chose John as my instructor. Thank you.

Francesca EasonFrancesca Eason
First Time Pass for Step Daughter
Even though John is my future Step Father he always conducted himself as if he was just my driving instructor while we were in car. I really enjoyed the LD System and John adapted his coaching style to suit the way I learned which helped me to push myself to the highest level of driving

Marius DraceaMarius Dracea
Zero Fault First Time Pass
I really enjoyed lessons with John who is the best driving instructor. I have passed my practical test first time with no faults because of how John has taught me to drive and I am very knowledgeable in driving now. Thank you John

Jay Martin-DoranJay Martin-Doran
First Time Pass
John was brilliant I really felt comfortable with him and if things didn't go to plan he helped me to correct them quickly. The LD System really helped as I could see my progress something I didn't have with other instructors. I loved every minute of my training thanks John.

Dalton BarnesDalton Barnes
Friday the 13th Pass
I found the LD System worked incredibly well as I'm not a natural learner. John's methodology and ability helped me to get to the root of any errors and has benefited me endlessly.

Nicola SmithNicola Smith
First Time Pass
The lessons I had with John went very well as he listened and tried to help me with learning new skills. The LD System is very good because it allows you to plan lessons which really helped me. It also helped me to answer my own questions and work things out for myself.

Dan SneddonDan Sneddon
First Time Pass
My experience with John has been very good and I could not have asked for a better instructor. The LD System worked really well for me as I could see my progress every lesson by ticking off what I had completed. I would highly recommend John to anyone who are looking to learn to drive.

Aimee StanleyAimee Stanley
First Time Pass
What a brilliant driving instructor John is. I wasn't very confident when I began taking lessons again after some time off from my previous instructor. John however was great and the LD System helped me amazingly by allowing me to see which areas I needed to focus on. I can't thank John enough for the time and effort he has put in to help me and I will carry these skills that John has taught me for life.

Brett PearceBrett Pearce
First Time Pass
I've known John for many years as he was a scout leader at my group which is why I chose him as my instructor. I would recommend John to anyone wanting to learn to drive. I found the LD System very useful both in lessons and to reflect and plan my lessons.

Craig SwiftCraig Swift
Great early morning first time pass
John was recommended to me by my neighbor and he is without doubt a fantastic Driving Instructor who doesn't cut corners when it comes to educating you about being a good safe driver. He is a great person with a fantastic sense of humor who always made me feel comfortable during lessons. I really enjoyed the way I was able to tailor lessons to my needs through the LD System which gave me flexibility while learning. I would definitely recommend John and LDC to anyone wanting to learn to drive.

Charlie BrownCharlie Brown
First Time Pass
My sister passed first time with John so I had lessons with him and also passed first time. I have really enjoyed my experience with John and really liked the LD system and how it worked for me.

Ioana Diac
Pass Plus Course Completed
My sister recommended John for his thorough approach to teaching and I definitely found this to be true. My sessions always felt productive with clear aims and targets to be achieved so I felt I had progressed and improved a lot since the start of the session. John was so good at getting me to provide feedback and this has helped me to improve crucial self evaluation skills throughout my sessions. All in all driving with John has made me feel like a more competent and safer driver on the roads.

Ashleigh WaringAshleigh Waring
1 minor fault
Before coming to LDC I had 2 other instructors but since taking lessons with John I felt far more comfortable and that I could actually pass my test. I always enjoyed my lessons and the LD System really worked for me. I wouldn't have passed my test without John who is by far the best instructor.

Amanda DayAmanda Day
First Time Pass
As far as driving instructors go John is fantastic in 10 hours I passed my test first time with 1 minor fault. I can truly recommend John to anyone who wants a friendly, straight talking instructor that will show you everything you need to know and will adapt his approach to your needs.

Samuel MonaghanSamuel Monaghan
Two Brothers One Week Two Passes
John is very helpful and a great instructor. The LD System was brilliant and allowed me to reflect on what I did well and what didn't go so well. It allowed me to set my own goals for improvement for the next lesson. The style of learning helped me to become a much safer driver.

Callum MonaghanCallum Monaghan
First Time Pass
John's training was very enjoyable and lessons were conducted in a clear and calm manner. This in conjunction with the LD system was a very effective way of learning due to the increased flexibility during lessons and the self reflection really helped to make consistent improvements.

Chris Hearn
New Year New Career
I was allocated John a Phillipson as my tutor for part 2 & 3 of my driving instructor training. John was always highly professional in all aspects of his tutoring and worked extremely hard to give me a high level of training. He always made himself available and was approachable as well if I wanted to seek advice or support. John's motivation levels were very high and I always knew he was trying to support me in obtaining a high level of competence in all aspects of the training. I have no hestitation in recommending a John to anyone who is looking to become an ADI. Be prepared to work hard and with John's support you will achieve first time passes likes I did. If LDC could duplicate tutors like John then the other driving schools will loose business hand over fist, if they aren't already.

Haiden DayHaiden Day
New Year Great Pass
I knew John before I started learning to drive and my Dad wanted me to take lessons with him which was great for me because I had a good relationship with John. Overall John is a great instructor and always encouraged me to look for ways to improve and become a better driver. If something went wrong John would help me find ways to correct my mistakes in ways I felt comfortable with. To sum up John is kind, considerate and motivational. A must have driving instructor.

Helen Dascalescu
Now a Fully Qualified Driving Instructor
A big thank you to John for helping me achieve a first time pass in my Part 3. It was no easy task to restructure one's thinking to successfully pass on honed skills to a role played learner. There were tears, successes and failures, and many many questions throughout. The inevitable question - Can I really do it? - when frustration takes hold. John coped with everything I threw at him... always had tissues to hand... and made sense of it all for me.  Thanks again John.  May you have many more successful students in the future! 

Christian YoungChristian Young
Early Christmas Present
Lessons with John were always progressive and I feel like I always saw improvement. I would happily recommend John to anyone who wants to learn to drive.

Ana DiacAna Diac
John has always been incredibly supportive and encouraging. Hi is very evaluative and got me to think independently about my driving. He made my driving lessons really fun and most importantly a safe experience. I feel like I am set up to be a good driver for life and that is an invaluable asset which I am very grateful for. Thank you John

Ross DuncanRoss Duncan
Unfortunately in my first two years of driving I got 6 points and lost my licence and I have had to retake my test. I really didn't feel I would pass but in just 8 hours with John I felt completely confident and passed with flying colours.

Emily SmithEmily Smith
Off to University with a Full Driving Licence
John has been the most patient and determined instructor that I could have asked for. Times where I felt like giving up he encouraged me to be the best that I could. He made me feel both comfortable and relaxed within lessons which made me feel I could achieve my goal. I had previous instructors that let me down continually John was always punctual and made sure I always got my lessons.

Rebecca RobertsRebecca Roberts
First Time Pass
John gave good constructive feedback and was friendly and chatty. He gave me confidence at what to do and always praised me for doing well. The lessons were structured and varied which helped learning and if I was unsure John would demonstrate to help understanding.

Jamie SmithJamie Smith
First Time Pass with NO FAULTS
I found the tuition with John great and very professional. John adapted the tuition to suit me because of my 7 years of motorbike experience. I made very slow progress with my previous instructor but with John I progressed from day one and passed my driving test first time with NO faults.

Donna GriffinDonna Griffin
I have really enjoyed my experience with John. He took the time to calm my nerves as I am quite an anxious driver and helped me with my knowledge of road and traffic situations. John helped me to keep going even when I felt I couldn't. John is a really nice person with a brilliant personality and not only was he my driving instructor but I also class him as a good friend that I have made and will never forget how he has helped me. Thank you John for pushing me to do my best.

Tom HollisTom Hollis
First Time Pass 2 weeks after the Theory Test
John is an excellent instructor who teaches you everything you need to know. His Client Centred approach is brilliant as it lets you choose what you want to learn first. The self evaluation really useful as it helps the learner understand for themselves where the problems are and how to correct them. John is also very friendly and has a good sense of humour that helps relieve situations and nerves that a learner may have.

Ridwan AhmedRidwan Ahmed
I really enjoyed my time training with John and he not only taught me how to get to test standard but also how to be a safe driver. Thanks for all of your help.

Jamie HarvisonJamie Harvison
Postman is First Class on early morning Monday test
I always felt I was going to struggle learning to drive as I am quite nervous and anxious. John took the time to get me to test standard despite having ups and downs in my training. John adapted his training methods between traditional instruction and client centred approach depending on the situation which shows how professional he is. John always stuck by me even when I wanted to quit and I will always recommend him to anyone who wants to learn to drive.

Reece ParillonReece Parillon
I found the training from John and the LD System very good and it was a great experience. This was helpful to make me into an independent driver. John is a kind instructor with a lot of experience and I would recommend him to anybody wanting to learn to drive.

Kerri HughesKerri Hughes
First Time Pass
John is a fantastic instructor and made me feel at ease and very comfortable. The lessons were brilliant and I never had a bad one. John is very friendly and has a great sense of humor and a fantastic personality. Thank you John and thanks for putting up with me.

Amelia BurtonAmelia Burton
First Time Pass
John gave me real confidence after a bad experience with my previous instructor and covered everything that I needed to be a safe driver. He made sure I felt confident especially doing hill starts that I couldn't do when I first met John and by the end of my first hour the problem was sorted and I felt very confident. John is very patient and explained everything thoroughly. THANK YOU

Charlie TownsendCharlie Townsend
First Time Pass on a cold February morning
John is a great instructor. He takes time and care when it comes to learners and was a pleasure to be taught by.

Ben HarrisBen Harris
First Time Pass in Wellingborough
I must implore John for his never ending patience and eternal effort in trying to help me to be a better driver. John always has the best intentions in trying to create a comprehensive lesson bespoke to the learner. If you want someone who is easy to talk to and always endeavour to help you understand and improve then pick John as your instructor.

Michelle SmithMichelle Smith
All the way from Portsmouth to pass in Kettering
I found John to be very honest and patient with me. I didn't find driving easy and faced many challenges that John helped me to overcome and John never gave up on me. The LD system was really good and the work book and DVD was great. John was only a call or text away if there was anything I didn't understand. I honestly believe that John and LDC made me a better and safer driver as I have been taught to drive safely and not to just pass my driving test. John is friendly and hard working and I would recommend him to anyone who wants to be a safe driver. Thank you so much. Michelle.

Paige WheelerPaige Wheeler
European Junior Drag Racing Champion Passes First Time
John is an amazing Instructor who I would recommend to anyone wanting to learn to drive. Even when I was having difficulty with a learning task John always helped me to find a way to achieve what I wanted to. John gives key advice when it comes to your test and provides all of the materials needed to pass first time Thank you John for an amazing driving experience, I'm going to miss having lessons with you.

Brett TaylorBrett Taylor
Great early Christmas present
I felt Johns way of coaching suited me well and the LD System worked really well with my learning style. Overall the LD system was great and allowed me to self evaluate and set my own goals and targets. I would recommend John and LDC to anyone wanting to pass their driving test first time.

Holly RainbowHolly Rainbow
Who says you can't pass your driving test 8 months pregnant?
John was fantastic. He was very professional and cared that you learnt to drive safely and not just passed your test. He is friendly and reassuring and I would recommend him to anyone who wants to learn to drive.

Zack McGradyZack McGrady
John is a fantastic Driving Instructor and I would recommend him to anyone, he has a great sense of humour and personality. He does everything and anything to help you to pass your driving test and be a safe driver. My test was cancelled due to an examiners strike but John got me a test 5 days later when a cancellation came up. John is a Jedi Master for getting me that test. I'd like to thank John for everything.

Jess FargherJess Fargher
The lessons were very enjoyable and John's tuition was great. John is very approachable and the lessons focused on learning new things and self assessment. I can't thank John enough he is very friendly and always positive.

Dan RobertsDan Roberts
First Time Pass
John taught me how to be a safe and confident driver. The lessons had great structure and the LD System was good. I am really glad I chose John and would recommend him very highly.

Amberley EdgarAmberley Edgar
Fireworks to celebrate 5th November Test Pass
Having previously been with other driving instructors John has definitely helped me the most and by far the best. I really couldn't have passed in such a short amount of time without him. Thank you so much I will be recommending him to my family and friends.

Daniel SmartDaniel Smart
Great Saturday Test Pass
John is a great instructor and has a great personality and sense of humor. He has helped me to pass my driving test with only one minor driving fault. Thank you.

Bethany BrownBethany Brown
First Time Pass
John's lessons were very in depth and meant I picked up all of the subjects and manoeuvres quickly. The lessons were great fun, John was very enthusiastic with the lessons. Thank you.

Libby RobertsLibby Roberts
What can I say? From day one John has been brilliant. Knowing what I know now if John had a waiting list of a year I would wait for him to be my instructor. I passed first time with only two minor driving faults. John is a great person and a great instructor. Thank you.

Liam MarriottLiam Marriott
John really helped me to pass my test first time. I learned so much more about driving than just passing my test and have a great amount of driving experience now.

Todd MedlinTodd Medlin
I would recommend LDC to anyone who wants to learn to drive. The way that John uses the LD System makes driving so much easier. The structure of the lessons really worked for me. John is a calm and professional instructor who bonds so well with his learners. I would highly recommend John as a Driving Instructor he pushes you to a level well above test standard and has made a talented and safe driver.

Tom CoxfordTom Coxford
The experience has been excellent, John is a brilliant instructor and has guided me through a lot of driving experience and always encouraged me to improve to be above the test standard. It has been so good to meet John not only is he an awesome instructor but a great person. I could not have passed my test with such a high standard of driving without him. I would recommend John to anyone who wants to start driving

Jamie SheltonJamie Shelton
I found John while I was browsing the internet and decided to contact him. He was very polite and informed me on everything that would happen. At first I was very nervous as I had previously had two instructors and it didn't turn out great but after ten minutes with John he made me feel really comfortable and at ease. From there I continued with him. John also gave me the LDC DVD and workbook which without I may have struggled. All in all John is a great instructor and I would 1000% recommend him to anyone, his coaching and great personality led me to a PASS!!

Bobbie McVeyBobbie McVey
John helped me pass my test. He is a very calm and understanding instructor and will be flexible and go out of his way to help ensuring success.

Nadine RamseyNadine Ramsey
I've been trying to pass for 3 years so I changed Instructor to John and passed 1st time. I can't believe I did it. John helped me so much he is such a good instructor, he is so patient and doesn't make you feel uncomfortable at all. I would definitely recommend him 100%. GO JOHN.

Troy RuttTroy Rutt

My feedback on my experience with John.
Well structured program of study, clear goals, sound reflective process, useful resources to continue study at home, step by step clear processes and instills confidence in students.

Lauren FranklinLauren Franklin
John was a great help to me passing my test. I felt like I learnt a lot from every single lesson he helped to build confidence and would recommend to anyone who wants to learn to drive.

Ian SmithIan Smith
I am very happy with LDC but John in particular was very professional and friendly. I changed Driving Instructor and the lessons were fun and I learnt lots and John helped to put me at ease. I passed first time. I will recommend John to everyone.

Courteney Hawkins FowlerCourteney Hawkins Fowler
During my time as a learner driver John has been an amazing coach and support. I have no regrets choosing LDC as my learning company. John has made the experience of learning fun and relaxing, even at times that were stressful. Thank you John for your patience and support.

Mark PotterMark Potter
Fantastic Instructor made me feel totally relaxed. Made learning fun and simple. Totally recommend John. He is patient and always looks to help you improve in every area. LDC learning really is the way to go.

Sebastian GossSebastian Goss

Who new learning could be such fun?!
I found John via my Dad who saw his car on the street he lived on, the introductory rate was really enticing and John sounded like a good man on the phone so I booked my first lessons. Upon starting with John and LDC it struck me how different the teaching style was, a basic agreement was drawn up about what I can expect and what John expected from me which was fair and professional (something other instructors seem to lack). John proceeded throughout all of my lessons to give consistent help and re-assurance, always asking me what I was doing well or not so well and how I could rectify it, which is brilliant instructing as it made me think about what I was doing and learnt to teach myself rather than just following instructions. One thing I really appreciate is that John has coached me to be a safe driver, not just how to pass. Thank you.

I found the LD System very useful and very effective and was really happy with John my choice of instructor. His method was very effective and helped me to only get 2 minor faults. Very happy and pleased with the results. Thank you very much I really appreciate it.

Tracey HillaryTracey Hillary
I found the LD system really useful. John made me feel at ease and helped me get to the correct standard for passing. Highly recommended.

Karla CarneyKarla Carney
I found out about LDC and John outside the local theatre as his car was parked there. I really enjoyed Johns style of teaching as he always has your best interest! Really relaxed lessons, which helped on bad days. He is very supportive and doesn't get annoyed when you make mistakes. All in all I would and have recommended him to any learner. Thank you for everything.

I found John on Facebook. He is really patient and knows how to find the right way to every learner. He explains every difficulty that you have. The LD System that he uses is very helpful and easy to understand. He is a really good instructor with whom to learn how to drive safely and confidently. Thank you.

Charlie BrattCharlie Bratt
I found John on the website and we gave him a call to find out more. The first time I met John he was welcoming and honest in his approach. He asked me what I was looking for on top of learning to drive and tailored my lessons to that. John was adamant on teaching me how to be a safe driver and his honest, focused and perfectionist approach has certainly delivered and serves me very well. Everything John has taught me has been at a very professional standard. I very much appreciate his work and would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to become a safe and secure driver.

Jamie MarshallJamie Marshall
I feel John is a great instructor, he got me from a nervous wreck to passing my practical first time with 3 minors, he always had time for me in and out of lessons. I would recommend him and LDC to any of my friends and family. The way he teaches is great and i fee John is a great asset to LDC.

Ben BulmanBen Bulman
John is a great bloke, very calm and collected, does not let anything phase him and lets the students lead the lessons so they can work on what they feel they need to work on. The LD System is brill, allows structure and the DVD and Workbook are a great aid. I can not praise him enough. Thanks!!!

Robyn PattonRobyn Patton
The LDC System worked really well for me. John is a very patient man, he is very good at putting his learners at ease and will always adapt his teaching style and pace to your style of learning. Thank you John and LDC.

Stefan PhillipsStefan Phillips
John LDC driving instructor is a great instructor. He gives great advice to learn the roads. Made me a better driver.

Nick Stokes
I got on very well with John, very easy to talk to about my driving. I learnt a lot with regards to safety on the roads. I thought the LDC System was very good and the presenter was particularly helpful. Top driving instructor.

Brilliant instructor would recommend John to anyone. He has made me such a good driver.

John is a great instructor, made me feel comfortable and discussed everything to me in detail. I will recommend him.

Steven AttwoodSteven Attwood
I think LDC is a great driving school. My instructor John is a perfect teacher for driving, he has a good personality and is willing to help. It is a great training program and gives you a good understanding. I did it in 17 lessons. I did it in 17 lessons, I would recommend LDC and John to anyone for their driving.

Jordan BuntingJordan Bunting
I started my driving lessons 4 months ago. I immediately got along with John, he is a great instructor and I felt that my progress was great thanks to John and the LD System. I passed my test with 2 minors which I don't think I could of done without the great tuition from John.

Adam KellyAdam Kelly
I started from scratch with John with only basic driving skills and he taught me all I needed to achieve a pass first time. I found the LDC Workbook guides really helpful especially with the diagrams as I felt they showed a good and clear view on what to do. Overall I am very pleased.

Ross DuncanRoss Duncan
Brilliant instructor! Very friendly and very helpful. The LD System works very well and could not be happier, no complaints at all.

Ian McDonaldIan McDonald
John has been a fantastic instructor who really improved my driving ability even beyond the test. He is a very approachable and professional instructor and listened to my issues and dealt with them. My experience of the LDC system has been very positive.