Engage DrivingEngage Driving IconEngage Driving
Engage is a simple set of learning resources developed by local authorities to help you to deal with these issues. Engage is delivered by specially trained instructors who will use the resources as part of your normal driving lessons. The resources do not mean you will need more lessons, in fact they will help you to better prepare for your test, but more importantly they will help you be safer and better prepared for solo driving.
Health Service Staff DiscountsHealth Service Staff Discounts IconHealth Service Staff Discounts
Collingwood Insurance Services (UK) LtdCollingwood Insurance Services (UK) Ltd IconCollingwood Insurance Services (UK) Ltd
At Collingwood Insurance Services we offer Short-Term Learner Driver Insurance Policies from 7 days to 24 weeks (minimum 28 day initial policy) when learning to drive in your own vehicle or insure someone else's car (as specified on the policy). You can also insure a second vehicle for half the premium of your first vehicle when insuring both vehicles at the same time. Click on 'Get a Quote' and complete the simple quote process. Please ensure the details you enter are for the learner driver being insured. This policy is for Learner Drivers Only.
Supporting autistic people to access employment, through training, support services and creating opportunities
Rushden & Higham RFC
My First UK
Car insurance for learners, new drivers, young drivers and convicted drivers.
Free Resources
FREE Theory TestFREE Theory Test IconFREE Theory Test
If you would like to experience a simulation of the first part of the Theory Test please click on the icon to the left of the text to access the download page for a fully working multiple choice mock test with 150 official Theory Test questions.
FREE Hazard Perception TestFREE Hazard Perception Test IconFREE Hazard Perception Test
To help you better understand how the Hazard Perception Test works we have developed a web-based Hazard Perception Test simulator using flash. Again you will need a Wifi connection if using a phone to use this feature so you don't use all your mobile data.
Show me Tell meShow me Tell me IconShow me Tell me
Vehicle Safety checks "Show me - Tell me". After you have successfully completed the eyesight test and shown the examiner to the vehicle he or she will ask two questions, one "show me" and one "tell me". One or both questions answered incorrectly will result in one driving fault (i.e. minor fault) being recorded.
Theory Test AdviceTheory Test Advice IconTheory Test Advice
A free resource for learner drivers, with help and advice on how to pass all aspects of the driving test.
Theory & Driving Test Booking ServiceTheory & Driving Test Booking Service IconTheory & Driving Test Booking Service
If you need to book your theory or driving tests this is the official site where you need to book your test. No additional fees.
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LDC Android AppsLDC Android Apps IconLDC Android Apps
View or share your driving licence information
LDC Links
The Learner Driving CentreThe Learner Driving Centre IconThe Learner Driving Centre
If you would like to visit the main LDC website please click on the icon to the left of this text.
Become a Driving InstructorBecome a Driving Instructor IconBecome a Driving Instructor
If you would like to know more about becoming an instructor with LDC please click the icon to the left of this text.
LDC Driving School - YouTube ChannelLDC Driving School - YouTube Channel IconLDC Driving School - YouTube Channel
LDC driving schools are dedicated to providing the highest quality tuition at an affordable price. We have Instructors nationwide who all use the effective LD system of learning. Learn to drive with LDC and make your first test your last.
Theory Test OnlineTheory Test Online IconTheory Test Online
This website enables you to prepare for the Theory Test by providing you with an online Theory Test which includes professional voice over and Hazard Perception Test. A Free Theory Test and Hazard Perception Test are also available to try out the site.

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